For Artists

We receive numerous inquiries about booking house concerts with us, and while we welcome inquiries, there are some things artists should know about us:

1.  Our house concerts feature exclusively peformers who play traditional Celtic music (usually Irish and Scottish) or music rooted in that tradition.

2.  We do a limited number of concerts each year, as we are not a commercial venue.

3.  We tend to book at least six months in advance.  We do occasionally have spots available for inquiries with less notice, so it is worth inquiring, but please be aware that space is less likely. Our fall spots book more quickly than the spring and summer.

4.  We can seat 40-50 people, and our attendance averages 35-40 people at each concert.

5.  Because we are not a commercial venue, we do not sell tickets.  We do ask for a donation from each attendee, and our suggested donation is $20 per person.  We turn all donations over to the performer(s).  We have a space available for performers to sell CDs, and performers keep all proceeds from CD sales.

To inquire about booking a house concert, please contact Melissa at or call 520-275-3811.